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Just come on in and find out how life, the universe, and marriage works.

Full Interview with Mike Estime

Comedian Mike Estime and I have an amazing talk about marriage, inter-racial marriage, and a ton of other hilarious topics. Then contact me and we will do a show!

New Logo!

M & M gets world famous artist for logo

Sometimes you just get lucky! I never said that as a single man, but today we got the pot of gold. NYC and Italy based artist Logan Sibrel created our logo. Inspired by a 1990 photograph of Janet and me, we lovingly titled, Paula Abdul and Mullet McParachute Pants. (See actual picture below)

I'm truly thinking of revisiting this hairstyle.

I'm truly thinking of revisiting this hairstyle.

Teaser Marriage and Mayhem

The New One Man Comedy Tour De Force that brings the positive side of marriage and the mayhem of life! A little teaser. You gotta come see the rest. More videos on the video page.

The Main Event

Our Performers

Brad Tassell, M.A.E. stars in this hilarious personal and helpful journey.  Best-Selling Award-Winning Author, 9-Time Pinnacle Award Winning Comedian, 2018 Comedy Special for VidAngel, Guest Entertainer Carnival and Azamara Cruises world wide, Hit Las Vegas One-Man Show Comic Therapy (Rio Hotel and Casino), PBS's The Friday Zone, MTV, CMT, 30 years of Stand-up, 25 years married.

The Show!

 What is the secret to marriage? How can you laugh for 40 minutes and still come away motivated to work on the oldest institution in existence? Just come on in and find out how life, the universe, and marriage works. The difference is this show has a positive viewpoint on marriage. Many of the tips and topics not only garner huge laughs, but actually have a factual basis in helping people work on their relationships. Along the way we go through children, music, and leather pants (trousers for you UK folks). 

Join Us!

September 13 Headed to Carnival Sunshine, we will take marriage questions! 

 July 21 8:00pm Evansville, IN - Pat Coslett Simplicity Furniture Thank you for a sold out show! 

August 2-10 Edinburgh Fringe Fest ! Brought to you by http://www.freefestival.co.uk

 Laughing Horse @ The Phoenix 

 46 Broughton Street, EH1 3SA 

Edinburgh, Scotland

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My five year + mission  is to bring positive hilarious and sometimes subversively silly shows, podcasts, videos, and information about marriage to all corners of the world. You can help by donating any amount you wish. But remember this is not tax deductable, but I promise to use it wisely.  Click donate above! Thank you. 

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Marriage and Mayhem has a small group and can fit into any theater or space quickly. 

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The show is perfectly set up to have an intermission for those theaters needing one. Or for those with wait staff the show can run without. 

Different Size for Different Needs

Marriage and Mayhem for club settings can be an intimate show. For a larger theater setting we bring our musicians and a stage manager. 

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Marriage and Mayhem is performed in English, but the material and comedy appeals to crowds world-wide. We accept foreign and domestic tours. Plus, our travel and cost are low. 


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